About Us

EKK Group has a proud heritage which is utilized as an inspiration to deliver constant growth and sustained excellence.

The company has made the progress it has by being consistent with its qualities, treating customers with respect and always keeping up with changes in the business and technological landscape. To achieve and maintain the highest standards, every supermarket under EKK group is ISO certified and all our restaurants are HACCP certified. For the ease and convenience of our customers and employees’ alike, all our retail stores are integrated with the latest cloud POS systems.


Since its inception by Mr. E.K Kader Hajee, EKK Group has continued to grow at a phenomenal pace and has been able to establish itself as a leader and market powerhouse in every sector the group has embarked upon.

Today, the group is headed by Mr. Mohamed Sohel E.K, fortified by a group of trusted and seasoned professionals hailing from various industries and sectors across the corporate spectrum. Each one of us believes in sincerely doing our part to meet the quality and benchmarks that the EKK Group has been kenned for and will continue to uphold.

We have been growing our business and have made a sizeable presence in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Mumbai, Bangalore and across Kerala. We Will continue to improve and transform the same way the world around us is transforming.

EKK Group consists of a variety of entities with diverse intrigues; each of which has become the leader in retail, hospitality, restaurant, real estate and other industries. The complementary businesses all converge to strengthen the company’s position in UAE as well as abroad.

  • Consistent Innovation
  • Unrelenting Customer Satisfaction
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Strong Commitment

It is a legacy that has earned the company the complete trust of millions of vendors and customers across all the places it operates and a reputation that has been growing over the years.


We realize the need for action to save our planet and are very judicious in our use of resources. We ensure wastage is reduced as much as possible in various processes across all our units and verticals.

Efforts are made to make the right decisions which practically translate to choosing eco-friendly air conditioners and installing LED lights across all our properties. We also make a conscious effort to help build a sustainable environment through our recycling programs designed to ensure a better and healthier tomorrow. We believe in making the change we want to see.


We want to continue to inspire society and bring people closer together. Our goal is to be the most authoritative, innovative and culturally stimulating source of information for our readers and for the wider world .Our business and financial strategies – and the decisions that stem from them – are designed to move RCS from strength to strength, and to make certain that its independence will never be put in doubt.


In the future, we believe that culture, reliable information and communications will be increasingly important for all people and will play a crucial role in how society develops. The impact of this trend will be more dynamic, widespread and accessible than ever before thanks to continuous technological progress.